Foreclosure defense is an emerging practice area and there are still not enough attorneys to assist all the people who need help. Closely related to foreclosure defense is bankruptcy. Many readers are looking for an attorney that can also represent them in bankruptcy court to file an adversary proceeding. Foreclosure defense plus bankruptcy is a great way to resolve multiple client issues.

We get e-mails all the time from readers asking for attorney referrals because readers either can’t find an attorney at all, or they are not sure they are hiring the right attorney. Writing a regular blog establishes credibility and makes it easier for consumers to make decisions in hiring an attorney.

Foreclosure Industry News uses a proprietary search engine optimization formula that ensures traffic to the site. Our results are backed by traffic analytics reports. We will also help you understand the impact of your content so you can reach your intended target audience.

Please also review our Editorial Guidelines for our policies and philosophy relating to blogging.

The Attorney package is $249 per month and includes all of the following: 

1.  A dedicated bio page about you and your practice

2.  Unlimited monthly blog posts. Note: a minimum of two posts are required each month.

3.  Optimized links to your website

4.  Segmented feeds for your posts and comments

5.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google + plugs

6.  A dedicated lead form

7.  A dedicated email address that forwards to any address

We also offer the following upgrades to the above package:

Banner Positions: $79 each per month plus setup fee and graphic design, if applicable. Banners are located just below the second post of each page, the right sidebar and at the bottom of the page.

Main Image: $100 per month plus setup fee and graphic design, if applicable. The main images are the first images shown on the home page when visitors come to the site.

Banner weights: $10 each (More weights = more views)

Graphic design: Done on estimate only

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